10 thoughts on “Resume

  1. I really liked #3 but would like it more with the color splashes from #2!

    Stunning and classy – – They scream confidence and articulate! 🙂 Good Luck.

  2. I’m old fashioned and don’t care for sideways text, otherwise I like the feel of option 1. Option 3 is too crowded. That leaves Option 2. Consider making the elements in the left hand column a bit smaller.

  3. Whoa, 3.83 average!

    I like number three; I’m not a fan of the sideways info from number 1. One thing I’ve always suggested is trying other fonts!

    What if we incorporate the best elements from all three?

    1. Hi Andrew!

      Yes, I’ve worked pretty hard to keep UP a great GPA! What do you think are the best elements of all three? I could certainly do a mashup of all three designs. Thank you!


  4. i like 1, but use the images (linked in, etc) small on it? it will help ppl recognize it. 2 and 3 look crowded, if you utilized white space better they would work better.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Option one is my favorite and it is a good idea to incorporate the small SM images to the first one. Three looks the most crowded to me, yet that is what is usually the normal resume. Thank you for your input!!


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