3 new job hunt apps reinventing the job search

Whether you’re currently unemployed and looking for a new job or currently at a job looking to switch, job hunting overall can be a pretty daunting task. “Job hunting is a job in itself” is something you often here.

These three new startups are changing the job hunt landscape, and they’re pretty awesome.


Switch app

What’s interesting about Switch is that it applies the Tinder “swipe” model to job hunting. You post a profile then swipe through available positions with a yes or a no. If you get a yes offer, you can connect with the hiring manager over LinkedIn. Great social application tool.

It also helps that this is an anonymous job search so it leaves no traces for your current employer.


Motto is “make career moves without submitting a single application.”

Poacht App

While Poacht is similar as it connects applicants through LinkedIn, this app works for you in the background to connect you to people who match what you’re looking for. You’ll get a notification when a match is appropriate and employers will send you an interview request.


This one is probably my favorite because it has a very different approach: encouraging job seekers to interview companies before applying. I believe this is the most important step in your job search, learning all you can about the company instead of just accepting a job because of status.

Craft App

With this app you can:

  • Filter companies by industry and other key parameters
  • Compare companies by size and overall growth
  • See how the company is arranged in teams and divisions
  • And much more!


Would these apps change the way you approach your job hunt?

Share your thoughts:

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