Recap: President Obama’s First-Ever Tumblr Q&A

In case you missed it, President Obama did a Tumblr Q&A with Tumblr founder David Karp yesterday via and you can watch the event here:

A few of my favorite highlights from this historic social media event:

  • President Obama sharing the difficulties of trying to change a culture in which school shootings are commonplace:

“People ask me what I’m proudest of and what are my biggest frustrations as President. My biggest frustration is that this society hasn’t been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do damage. We’re the only developed country where this happens. And it happens weekly. Our levels of gun violence are off the charts.

  • On legislation to prevent gun violence:

“If public opinion does not demand change in Congress, it will not change.”

  • On education, college afforadability and careers:
“Ultimately, you are going to do best at something you care deeply for. But you still have to grind it out. You can get into the mindset where the effort and sweat you put in doesn’t feel like a burden. Your career isn’t always a straight line. Sometimes you have to take a job to pay the bills. And sometimes you take a big risk, like building something called Tumblr.”
  • On the executive order Obama signed to cap student loan payments at 10% of a person’s monthly income and the the fact that Senate will vote on a bill this week that would allow those with debt to refinance their loans at lower interest rates.
“I hope the Tumblr community helps spread the word. … Everybody on Tumblr should be contacting their senators and finding out where they stand on the issue,” Obama said.
Image via Fast Company.
Image via Fast Company.
Just a note:


Since the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in December 2012, there have been 74 instances of gun violence on school campuses in the United States.


President Obama’s comments on gun violence [2 min clip]


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