The one security app everyone needs!

Browsing Facebook yesterday, I saw this story:

A man allegedly stole a smartphone at a gas station in Hillsborough County. What he didn’t know is after failing to unlock the victim’s phone, an app automatically snapped two photos of him and forwarded them to the victim’s email address.

Automatically I wanted to download this app! So what is it? Lookout. It’s free on iOS, Kindle and Google Play and it’s a MUST download.


  • Notifies you of security flaws and vulnerabilities on your device
  • Control which apps can access your location
  • Find your iPhone map SO quickly, faster than Find My iPhone
  • Backs up your contacts

Right now I have the free version, but I am upgrading to premium so I receive the theft alerts.

I downloaded it yesterday after the story and I already feel more secure. I leave my phone everywhere… I get so distracted by other things I put my stuff down and forget it. I’ve left my phone in the H&M in Times Square, on a grocery store shelf, in a taxi, etc.

Hopefully the next time this inevitably happens, Lookout will have my back!

photo3 (1)  photo4 (1)

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