Tech + PR News: Things To Know This Week


Stories to know this week:

1. The winner of the Progressions prompt was about other options for PR students outside of agencies and the winner Gemrick Curtom had an inspiring response

2. Brands are finding that influencer marketing strategies are more effective than huge PR stunts. 

3. Of course, some brands tried some RTM for Cinco de Mayo. 

4. How do you know a PR pro when you see one? Prezly listed eight distinct traits high achievers in PR tend to have. 

5. HP will be investing $1 billion in cloud computing products and services over the next two years. 

6. NBC bought the rights to broadcast the summer and winter Olympic Games through 2032. 

7. Imgur helped raise $60,000 for a terminally ill cancer patient’s family members 

8. Fingerprint sensors similar to ones for iPhone 5S coming to iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 6

9. LinkedIn is partnering with Evernote so you can take a picture of a business card using Evernote’s mobile app and connect to the person on LinkedIn, a la CardMunch. You’ll also be able to enter comments and geo-tag the location where the card was scanned.

10. MEMI debuted an iPhone-compatible smartbracelet aimed at women who tend to carry their mobile phones in their handbag. It discreetly vibrates when you receive incoming calls, texts and calendar events.

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