Problems With Blogger Outreach + The Shift to Influencer Marketing

InfluencersThere are numerous problems with blogger outreach programs and reaching out to bloggers blindly to cover your brand or new campaign.

  1. Finding them on a blogger database often yields inaccurate data.
  2. You want free promotion, but bloggers need and want to get paid.
  3. The blogger you find may not match your brand voice.
  4. The bloggers you target may already cover a competitor.
  5. The bloggers you find and email may not drive a large audience.
  6. Your product or campaign may not fit with their audience.
  7. The response rate from blind blogger outreach is low.

The solution: Work with influencers who can move an audience. Influencers with a targeted audience CAN increase the amount of unique viewers for your content.

What is the definition of an influencer?

  • Anyone who can consistently move an audience of 1,000+ people to wherever they create content
  • Should have a following (Twitter/newsletter/Facebook/Instagram) of 5,000-50,000 people.

For targeted influencer marketing and working with influencers, you have to find and recruit an influencer with the right amount of followers that has the actual ability to move the audience to your brand’s blog or site.

What makes a person a good influencer?

  • An outstanding content creator in their medium with a deep, targeted expertise
  • Has a targeted audience that is willing to read/follow them wherever they create content
  • One that creates content that is primarily in service of the reader and not their own self-interest or agenda.
  • Employed in the industry you’re hoping to target, but may not be a professional blogger

What kinds of content do influencers create?

  • Blog posts, essays, editorials, how-tos
  • Infographics, quizzes, tutorials
  • Videos, curation

This part really depends on what the brand needs. The most important thing is to try to find influencers who have the audience that can create the content the brand’s audience desires with a voice that will fit with the brand.

What are next steps for me?

The next time someone brings up a blogger ambassador program or blogger outreach strategy, bring up the problems you are seeing with this approach and then talk about working with actual influencers who will move the right audience to your client.

Have questions about how to work with influencers or where to start? Contact


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