Tech + Digital + PR News: 10 Things to Know This Week


The stories to know this week:

1. MWW Group is adding an LGBT practice with their acquisition of Macias Media Group. (via New York Times)

2. The Ear Switch is a new wearable concept device with the functionality of Google Glass or a smartwatch in a subtle, unobtrusive ear piece. (via Digital Trends)

3. What a typical Monday morning looks like for an PR girl working in New York City. (via NYC PR Girls)

4. CarPlay from Apple will convert your vehicle’s in-car entertainment system into an iOS-powered dashboard that looks like an iPhone display so your car turns into app-enabled iPhone accessories. (via TechCrunch)

5. “No two days are alike” – 7 reasons you love working in PR. (via PR Couture)

6. Kickstarter hit a milestone with $1 million in pledges. (via CNN)

7. A new design concept could replace USB drives with dataSTICKIES, similar to Post-it notes. (via PSFK)

8.  Banana Republic unveiled a series of print and social advertisements with a real-life gay couple. (via PolicyMic)

9. With over 3 million retweets, the Ellen DeGeneres tweet is the most retweeted tweet ever. 5 reasons why the tweet worked & one key question. (via Social Fresh)

10. Apple launched a campaign on Tumblr to hopefully improve iPhone 5C sales. (via BrandChannel)

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