Lena Dunham gives excellent advice for brands

Lena Dunham is one of my favorite actresses today & I love what she stands for and represents. She’s a strong woman with a lot of good advice.

The one tweet from Lena that brands, managers & really everyone should read:

This year, let’s make an effort to not engage in the seriously stupid things. Make an effort to really pay attention to your audience instead of jumping on a popular trend. Don’t linger on the negativity and don’t let negative feedback hinder you or your creativity.

For goodness sakes don’t fuel the haters. Engaging in a Twitter or Facebook war never makes you a winner. Be sensitive in your messaging. Just because it’s a holiday or someone is being celebrated doesn’t mean you need to jump in. Let’s be smart about what we post and be more conscious of what we post so no one ends up on a “top 10 social media mistakes” list in December.

Be bold! Spend your energy and time on what matters. I’ll be taking my own advice too. Thanks Lena for the inspiration!

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