10 Things to Know When Dating a Guy in Broadcasting

Following the post Jarrett wrote on 10 things to know when dating a girl in PR, I’m writing a counter as to what it’s really like to date a guy in broadcasting! These are things I’ve experienced from Jarrett working at NBC Sports + working the London and Sochi Olympic events.

1. Sports happen on the weekends, so don’t plan any weekend trips. He’ll probably be working at least one of those days!

This is actually what it looks like where Jarrett works at NBC.
This is actually what it looks like where Jarrett works at NBC.

2. Sports and news also happen on holidays, so holiday breaks and days off do not exist for people in broadcasting unless they use vacation days or work it around with other workmates.

3. When attending work parties with your boyfriend in broadcasting, you may not understand what he and his workmates are talking about with all their programming, set ups, cameras and other tech. Find another girlfriend to team up with!

4. Sports and the news have very unpredictable timings. Games go in overtime, breaking news extends hours, etc. Tech problems cause delays too.

5. It’s sometimes hard to work around someone in broadcasting’s schedule as things come up all the time. You generally shouldn’t believe they will actually be home when they say.

6. Any new technology you get will automatically be turned into the challenge of how can he make it more high-tech? For example, our christmas lights around the house and on the Christmas tree are turned on and off via a remote control button he set up.

7. When anyone in the neighborhood/apt. building has technical issues, they will come to your house first and get your boyfriend to fix/address the problem and set any tech up.

8. You may find boxes FULL of all kinds of cords and techie items that you have no clue what they are around the house.

9. Your boyfriend may have some neat work trips! In Jarrett’s case, he works some pretty neat events like the Olympics and I got to travel to London while he worked the summer Olympics.

10. You’ll have the most prepared person around if you date a guy in broadcasting, especially if the zombies attack or there’s a national crisis. He’ll most likely be the prepared for any situation and probably the calming factor.

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