Tech + Digital News: 10 Things to Know This Week


Things to know:

1. Louis Vuitton app replaces QR codes with scannable images — I like this much better than QR codes. Why were those ever a thing?

2. Video accounts for 53% of all Internet traffic with Netflix representing almost 32% of that.

3. Pinterest teamed with Getty Images to give you the data behind photos you’re pinning (title, name of photo, photographer’s name, etc.)

4. Facebook introduced new Like and Share buttons

5. Twitter is testing push notifications for breaking news.

6. SecretLink hopes to be the SnapChat of email and text. Messages are deleted and removed, leaving no trace, after they are viewed.

7. Twitter launched new ‘custom timelines’ = their own Storify. Here’s a post comparing the two.

8. MIT revealed they can bring digital content on a screen to a 3D reality with project iNFORM — REALLY cool tech this week!

9. Researchers have engineered a new bio patch that has the potential to regrow damaged and, sometimes, missing bones in your body!

10. The world’s first implantable near field communication (NFC) device is here. If it was implanted in you, it could unlock your phone, car, computer and do many more things. FUTURE IS HERE.


Pinterest launched its first API! This will be BIG for brands and retailers!

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