Learning from a friend: @BenButlerPR

I knew I was going to love Mr. Suit & Tie himself when I first met him and when I saw his passion for PRSSA (as well as dressing extremely well). If you don’t know Ben Butler, you need to get to know him.

I’ll admit that I made a mistake in thinking that as the Immediate Past President I wouldn’t be very close to the new National Committee members. This is my third National Committee…. and I love them as much as the others I have served. It was surprising to me to be honest as I had heard it would be different, but it’s an honor to serve with this talented Committee.

Ben is one that I’ve worked with more than others from brainstorming around current social ideas and telling him about the position since I served as the vice president of public relations in 2011. We also bonded over our extreme love of Starbucks and coffee. “I don’t want brewed by Starbucks, I want brewed AT Starbucks!” He’s become a really good friend to me and always cracks me up.

From time to time I’ll send him a little tip or a little note and I told him I hope he didn’t mind. His response:

“The details matter. I love that we hold each other accountable and are constantly suggesting ways to continue improving. If we aren’t moving forward then we are moving backwards. “

It’s great when you have friends, but it’s even better when they make you a better person that continues to help you learn too.

I really admire Ben for his innovation, creativity and drive. He’s taken the PRSSA social media accounts and the PRSSA Chapter News section to a different level and has done an impeccable job this year so far.

What I love most is that Ben is always willing to take tips and always wants to keep learning more. He asks a lot of great questions and is always genuinely curious. He’s the way we should all be: striving to learn more about everything.

Cheers to you Ben and thanks for being such a great friend, role model and inspiration!


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