Tech + Digital News: Things to Know This Week


Things to know:

1. Mobli, one of Instagram’s competitors, just received funding to start a visual search engine. I’m very excited to see this come to fruition!

2. New research from Pew Research Center finds 16% of US adults are on Twitter and 8% get news from Twitter. More findings here.

3. Apple released its first-ever transparency report revealing data requests from US government.

4. Apple is also creating a new manufacturing site in Arizona that will bring 2,000+ jobs.

5. Tesco stations in the UK will use face-screening technology to target customers with tailored ads.

6. Call of Duty: Ghosts sold more than $1 billion to stores in first day of release. Crazy numbers for the world of video games!

7. Multiple brands launch Movember campaigns to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

8. Coca-Cola’s Chief Technology Officer says tailored beverages for our individual genetic makeup will be available in the ‘near future.’

9. TrackMaven released “The Fortune 500 Instagram Report” saying 123/500 have Instagram accounts with Nike and Starbucks being two of the most popular. Extra: study says 40% of top Instagram videos are brand-created.

10. As more and more brands go to Tumblr, Union Metrics listed the top 10 brands on Tumblr with Disney, Facebook and Apple being the most popular.


Bonus retail news:

– TOMS launches TOMS Marketplace to give social entrepreneurs a platform to succeed.

– Verizon set to launch its own tablet called Ellipsis 7 at $250.

– Johnson & Johnson has to pay $2.2 billion for false marketing of drugs

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