Tech + Digital News: 10 Things to Know This Week


A few things to know:

1. Google+ hits 300 million active users. Users upload 1.5 billion photos each week. Google also added 18 new features to Google+.

2. BlackBerry says the BBM app was downloaded 10 million times for Apple and Android devices in first 24 hours.

3. Steve Jobs’ house where he started Apple Computer was designated a historic site.

4. Artist started turning photographers into real-life Instagrammers as they take photos on his Tumblr site.

5. Facebook can predict when your relationship isn’t going to last.

6. Instagram did roll out sponsored photos and videos. Users do have the ability to hide ads to provide feedback.

7. Google debuted a Google Glass redesign with an option earbud.

8. New app Blend hopes to be like the original Facebook for college kids. You’re required to have a .edu email and once you graduate, you’re booted out of the app.

9. Amazon rolled out Kindle MatchBook that bundles print books with discounted e-books.

10. Twitter brings us a more visual, richer stream with videos and images. You can also see trends in hashtags as well.

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