Starbucks launched a petition to end the #governmentshutdown

My favorite coffee shop just keeps getting better!

Starbucks launched an in-person and online petition to end the current (ridiculous) government shutdown. The petition demands Congress reopen the government, pay the country’s debts in a timely manner and pass a long-term, bipartisan budget deal by the end of the year.

In person: the petition will be printed in Friday’s editions of USA TodayThe New York TimesWall Street Journal and Washington Post. Sign it, tear it out and take it to Starbucks stores over the weekend.

Online: If you’re one of the statistics and don’t read a physical paper, you can also sign the petition online.

Facebook: Apparently liking the post about the petition on Starbucks’ Facebook page counts as a signature as well.



In an interview, CEO Howard Schultz said:

“We are witnessing a level of dysfunction and polarization in Washington, the likes of which we have not seen before so we asked ourselves: ‘What can Starbucks do, and how can we use our scale for good?”

How many signatures are important for this? Schultz declined to estimate how many signatures he hopes to gather. “I don’t have a goal,” he says. “But I assure you, we’ll have a lot of signatures.”

More (from USA TODAY):

The petition also will be shared with business leaders, Schultz says. In the past two days, Schultz says, he’s spoken with more than half the CEOs of the 30 companies in the Dow Jones industrial average, and there is 100% consensus “about concern and need for the American people to be heard.”

Schultz says his goal is not to make Starbucks a national hub to take on cultural issues. “This is not what we want to become,” he says. “But we don’t want to ignore what we believe are our responsibilities in the communities we serve.”

Even then, Schultz says, as he has said before, he has no plans to run for public office. “My responsibility is to the people of Starbucks.”

He should really run for office though (IMHO).


Did you sign the petition? When do you think the shutdown will end?


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