Digital + Tech News: 8 Things to Know This Week


A few things to know this week:

1. Pinterest announced promoted pins. This is what they’ll look like. This will be the first-ever revenue-generating product for the company. Testing starts today.

2. Skype announced they will be syncing chat messages across all devices for a better streamlined experience.

3. App Annie will offer accurate analytics for e-books, great news for publishers and writers. They will also monitor trends.

4. Speaking of e-books, if you use an e-reader or tablet then this study from USA TODAY says you probably read more books.

5. Foursquare has been updated to give more real-time recommendations for more relevant places (and people) nearby.

6. IBM released a new C-Suite study. 33% of CEOs worry they are out of touch with customers. C-Suite leaders say in the next 3 – 5 years, 88% of all interactions with customers will happen digitally.

7. Newspapers are cutting editorial and opinion content, according to Pew Research.

8. Apple has an announcement coming on October 22. Probably new iPads!

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