The Oreo Copying Needs to Stop. The shift from Real-Time Marketing to Predictive Marketing.

A lot of blog posts and professionals have said we’re in a “new era” of real-time marketing. The thing is, it’s never actually real-time. It takes a lot of strategic planning to put out your latest marketing attempt at nearly every event.

It may seem “real-time” since it’s released during the event, and some things may even be changed during the events with ready-to-go templates, but it’s still planned.

Every since the now famous Oreo Super Bowl tweet, brands feel the need to continue to try to replicate this. It’s getting old to be honest.

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What everyone needs to hear:

“The Oreo tweet was a great idea for a marketing execution, but it doesn’t mean it’s a great idea for a continuing strategy –  often marketers mistake seizing a moment in one instance and take that as how to execute in further events, but you can’t plan and manufacture that kind of serendipity,” said Matt Britton, CEO of agency MRY.


The best way to really receive engagement? Strengthen your existing audience or customers and then find new ones. Add value to the stream and be relevant. Stop trying to be Oreo.

You don’t have to try to put out some clever image or wording for every single holiday and event. 

“It’s actually hurting the field of social media marketing. You have brand marketers who have spent 50 years crafting their brand and now all of a sudden they are dumbing it down with clipart trying to replicate magic that happened once.” – Britton

The real-time marketing attempts = trying to make every video go viral. It just doesn’t happen.


Britton says we should be moving toward more predictive marketing instead of the “real-time marketing” attempts.

“When it comes to events like the Emmys, the most entertaining tweets are going to be from your friends, not brands,” said Britton. “The next phase is about consumer predictions — taking the notion of big data and putting it toward predictability to have content out there before consumers are seeing it on TV or before everyone else is doing it.”

That will definitely take time and practice, but it will seem more genuine and cause more people to pay attention rather than planned attempts at being clever. Humanizing brands will continue to be on the rise. We need to continue to communicate in a natural, human voice to better relate to our audience.


What do you think of real-time marketing and the repeated attempts to be Oreo?

What social media marketing works?

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