Social News of the Day: Pinterest launches Article Pins and You’ll Need a Google+ Account to Comment on YouTube

Good news in the social space today. Excited for these two developments from Pinterest and YouTube!


YouTube is notorious for trolls, irrelevant comments and spam comments. In a hopeful move to combat this, YouTube announced they will soon require all users to have a Google+ account to leave comments on videos.

They say integrating Google+ will make comments better. It will now prioritize comments from recognizable profiles like your friends or the video creator. Comments can also be shared privately or in Google+ circles. New moderating tools will give video creators the ability to block words and phrases or auto-approve comments as well, which will be helpful for brands, famous personalities and artists.

“The grand idea is to try and turn these one-off comments into conversations that you really care about,” said Matt McLernon, a spokesperson for YouTube.

Possible “hidden” agenda? Drive more traffic and users to Google+, which some people are bound to find annoying. Read more from the announcement here.


After announcing promoted pins last week, Pinterest has now announced article pins to target readers. They say ” 5 million articles are pinned every day.”

Already started, the pinned articles will now have more information including the headline, author, story description and link right on the pin. This should make articles easier to save and organize.

“Pin now, read later” was a popular phrase as they encouraged created new reading bards as well.

“When you come across articles you may not have time to read, or just want to keep for later, you can save them to your own reading list board. For example, you may be reading a lot about healthy living, so you could save the most interesting articles to a healthy reading board.”

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Read more from the Pinterest blog.


What do you think about these new changes? Do you think comments should be more regulated online?

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