10 Free Ways to Give Back Online Right Now

I believe in giving back and really making a difference every day. I believe anything you can do really counts and it will definitely matter to someone. I have a soft spot for any charity I see and can barely stand to walk past homeless people without giving them something.

Mashable has the right idea with their Social Good Summit this week. Giving back is one of the most important things we can do. We need to take care of each other and treat each other better. We also need to treat our planet better as this is the only one we’ve got and I want future generations to have a better Earth.

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Here are 10 sites where you can click, watch or do trivia to give back every day. It takes about 5 minutes (or less) every day and it’s something I encourage you do to:

1. Free Kibble

Freekibble.com donates 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters to feed hungry dogs after you do their daily trivia. They donate whether you get it wrong or right. The more you play, the more kibble they donate! You can also sign up for a daily reminder to donate as well.

2. Free Kibble Cat

Dogs aren’t the only ones going hungry. Play on FreeKibbleKat.com to donate 10 pieces of kibble to cat too.

3. Click for Charity

Watch an ad, most are 30 seconds or less, on ClickForYourCharity.com and they will donate 7 days of clean water to children in need. You can do this every day.

4. Hunger Site

Click every day at TheHungerSite to fight hunger and poverty. They donate cups of food and last year gave 52,8 million cups of food away from clicks. You can also sign up for daily reminders on this site.

5. Free Rice

One of the most popular sites is FreeRice.com. You just have to answer what a word in the English vocab means (they’re all very easy words to get) and they donate 10 grains of rice for every right answer. Yesterday they donated 5,108,800 grains of rice!

6. Ripple

On Ripple.org you can click to donate 6 days access to clean water, food to help a village, 2 days access to education and finance a $100 loan. That’s only four clicks a day that does so much good.

7. Good Search

I love using Google, but every time you search for something on GoodSearch.com you donate a penny to your cause. It really does add up over time though! Good Search is powered by Yahoo! so you still get good results.

8. Animal Rescue Site

TheAnimalRescue.GreaterGood.com site gives to individual groups and shelters that are saving animals’ lives every day. You can click every day and last year this site gave the value of 68 million bowls of food for animals in shelters.

9. Breast Cancer Site

At TheBreastCancerSite.GreaterGood.com you can fund mammograms for women in need every day. This is a really important cause that can help save women’s’ lives. Last year almost 1,000 mammograms were given.

10. Click to Give

This website at ClickToGive.com lets you click to give animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, end homelessness, impact kids cancer and sponsor children. That’s only SIX clicks a day and it makes an impact.


What are some other sites that give back or make a difference?

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