3 Ways to Prep Your Device for iOS7 Today

We all know iOS 7 is being released tomorrow, so these tips will be helpful for your to prep your Apple device before you upgrade to iOS 7.

First thing to know: not all Apple devices are able to upgrade.

  • For iPhones: only Retina display handsets can support the new OS (iPhone 4, 4s, and 5 and obviously the 5C and 5S)
  • For iPads, anything second generation+ which includes the iPad 2, 3, 4, and iPad mini
  • For iPods, that means the fifth generation iPod touch is upgradeable
Click for original source.
Click for original source.

Now, where to start.

1. Clean up your device

Before you even upgrade, you should really do some house cleaning. Delete apps you never really use and update ones that need updating. Delete old photos that are already on FB or Instagram anyways. Categorizing your apps in folders will help too. The more you do this now the less time it will take to upgrade later. You can view iOS 7 as a fresh start for your device.

2. Backup your device

You need to back up your photos, videos and everything else on your device (after you’ve cleaned up your device). You should do this regularly to avoid a longer process, but if you don’t: plug-in your device to your computer and use Image Capture or Preview to import all of your data (or you can import only the media you really want to/need to keep).

3. Sync and Backup

After you’ve cleaned or reorganized, you need to sync and backup to iTunes and iCloud. Transitioning from iOS 6 to 7 should go down pretty smoothly, but there’s always that just in case moment where you don’t want to lose anything you deem important. It doesn’t take too long and it’s worth it.


I’ll be doing all this tonight as I upgrade to iOS 7, even though I’m going to order an iPhone 5S on Friday. I really want to get used to iOS 7 before I get my new phone so I’m excited to see the differences!


*This post is based on this article from Wired

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