Takeaways from “attending” #INBOUND13 virtually

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend #INBOUND13 by HubSpot this year as it wasn’t on my radar and I have no idea how it wasn’t. I’ll for sure be there next year!!

I definitely got a lot out of the tweets I read as I obsessed over the hashtag feed. Here are some the takeaways from the keynotes from HubSpot and some other key takeaways too:

– Most pinned most words on Pinterest: love, home, recipe, chicken

– Instagram photos shared to Twitter have 10x less engagement than simply sharing photos through Twitter

– Authenticity, transparency and generosity are the keys to being successful leaders and brands

– If it’s not uncomfortable, you aren’t being transparent enough

– There is too much talking in social media and not nearly enough learning and listening. (Brian Solis)

– Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt. (Brian Solis)

– Three steps to innovation: ask the right question, the right way, to the right people

– “At the end of time I want my art to stand up and my soul to bow down.” – Rob Ryser

– Timing is a highly underrated skill. Know when to speak up and when to shut up. (Susan Piver)

– You cannot manage creativity. You have to manage for creativity. (Arianna Huffington)

– The only thing we can control is our attitude towards what’s happening. We are bigger than what happens to us. (Arianna Huffington)


Session Presentations:

Awaken your superhero from Christopher Penn

How any business can discover hundreds of powerful content ideas from Arnie Kuenn

10 best practices from the best social brands from Ben Grossman

Improv rules for the workplace from Tim Washer

6 steps to optimize your emails for higher click-through rates and conversions from Sarah Goliger

You must be present to win from Christopher Carfi

How work works from Nick Westerfaard

Create predictable, scalable sales revenue from Aaron Ross

Other takeway posts:

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