Friday Inspiration: Women From Glamour Magazine

I commute for about (or over) 2.5 hours a day, so I have a lot of time to read on my 50+ minute train ride in the morning. I recently got some free subscriptions to some magazines and I’ve been trying to go through them to see how advertising/magazines have changed since I last picked one up (a couple of years ago) and there are some major changes!

Instead of going over the changes, I wanted to highlight some inspiration I got from my Glamour Magazine this morning. I know these magazines can be stereotyped as “beauty mags” and some other things, but I appreciate real stories in these magazines. I also really like that Cosmopolitan changed to cover more political issues, especially issues important to women.

Some inspiration I gathered this morning:

“Real ladies don’t surgarcoat.” from Amy Schumer of Comedy Central. I think there’s too much sugarcoating today. I’m a pretty blunt person and sometimes people say I’m too brutally honest. I tell it like it is and I’m not afraid to do so. We need more honesty.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Hellen Keller. We definitely need to stay more positive, see more positively and focus on more positively. Not to the point of sugarcoating, but with so much bad news in the world today, we can use some positivity.

“You don’t become an expert by sidestepping your dream; you do it by building it.” – Jamie Wong, cofounder of travel site Vayable.

“You’re the writer of your own story.” – Leanna Aarcher, 17-year-old CEO of her own line of all-natural products.

“Proof that the most important thing to DIY is your own life: the inspiring example of Edith Windsor, who dared to get engaged to girlfriend Thea Clara Spyer in 1967 – and whose marriage-equality case opened the doors for all same-sex couples.”

“Your idea is a delicate thing. Know what can be changed and what can’t.” – Uzoamaka Maduka, cofounder of print literary journal The American Reader.

“Teaching girls science is very now. People want this to work.” – Debbie Sterling, creator of GoldieBlox construction toys for girls.

“Your vision is your North Star. Your strategy may change, but stick to your guns and you won’t fear failure.” – Kanya Balakrishna, cofounder of The Future Project which helps at-risk kids launch community projects.


Hope you feel inspired today and happy Friday!


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