HOW TO: Add your signature to a PDF via your Mac

Sometimes I have to sign documents online as I’m really not sure who faxes anymore. I also don’t feel like downloading, printing, signing and scanning back. Call me lazy, but this way is much easier and faster.
So, if you have a Mac, you can automatically keep signatures stored and put them in any PDF you have with these steps.

You’ll need:

– A Mac with a built-in camera

– Your signature in black or blue ink on a white or other light-colored piece of paper:



Open your PDF and click this little “show edit toolbar” button at the top right of your PDF document



Click the “signature” button in the middle of the toolbar




Click “create signature from FaceTime HD Camera” from the menu. Yes, you can already see one of my signatures I had saved.




Hold your signature up to the camera, get it in close and line it up on the blue lines. Make sure the “save this signature for us after Preview quits” option is clicked!




It should start to look like this. Make sure it’s lined up on the blue line and click accept once you like where it is/how big it is. The closer you hold it to the camera, the bigger it will be.




After you click accept, click anywhere in your PDF to insert your signature. You can drag it anywhere and make it  bigger or smaller.



There you go! Now you have your signature available for your PDFs. Obviously you can do this to write in dates or other things you need to as well, you just have to hold it up to the camera to insert a new signature with the new information.
Hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.

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