Three (free) Real-Time Analytics Sites You HAVE to Visit: Twitter, Foursquare and Google

The three coolest analytics sites I’ve stumbled upon (happen to all be today) are also three of my favorite sites. While Twitter isn’t as real-time as what you’re about to see from Foursquare and Google, it’s still a MUST see.


1. Twitter Analytics 

Twitter analytics are now available at for free for your accounts, that means for you personally and any other accounts you have access to. Yes it’s free. You’ll see how many mentions you’ve had, how many followers and unfollowers per day, how many clicks, favorites and replies per tweet and more. Yes, it’s still free.

Just go to the above website and click on Analytics or Followers from the top menu. You can also export your data. Here’s a sample of what you’ll look at:


2. Foursquare Time Machine 

Along with some pretty cool music, visit you will walk through your history on Foursquare from your first check-in, where you went next, to the places you’ve lived and visited, etc. as it goes through every single one of your check-ins with little light streams. It’s seriously fascinating and I was STUNNED watching it. You can play and pause at any time. You must see this. It also shows (as seen below in the first picture) trending places around your current area.

It’s literally a full journey of all your check-ins and places/states/countries you’ve traveled to. You get to relive your trips and history.

You also get a cool infographic at the end! You can download it and/or share it.

Time machine

My first check-in:

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.50.53 PM

Following my journey where I lived in Cullowhee at my university:


More history:

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.51.13 PM

3. Google trending searches

When you visit or this Google trends search (shown below),  you can see what is currently being searched for, you can sort by countries and watch as the trends constantly changed.



What do you think of these new sites? What did you like best?

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