Why having a function background = more productivity

If you’re like every single other person I know, you may or may not have a cluttered background on your laptop or iMac.

That doesn’t exactly help you find things when you need to and it definitely doesn’t help your organization. I’m also very visual and need to see something in order to know what is going on.


Here’s my background I created:



Why a function background helps:

1. It keeps things organized in sections. I have client folders, things I need to do and keep in mind, things I need to start and things I need to finish.

2. Separating files into these categories on my screen helps me visually see what needs to be done.

3. My background looks clearer and neater.

4. I can actually find things now.

5. A clearer screen probably reduces my stress because I don’t spend extra time looking for items or thinking wow I have a ton of things to do

6. When I find things faster and am more organized, I move through work quicker and get things done a lot faster.


I suggest:

Clean up your background and organize yourself.


Create your own functional background you can relate to with different categories! You can find one similar to mine here.


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