Digital Spring Cleaning… Start NOW

Spring is here. The weather is finally warmer. You’ve started cleaning the house… but now it’s time to focus to cleaning up your digital space.

The list may be long, but it’s worth it and you can spend May gradually doing all of this!
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To-Do List: 

1. Clean up Twitter: what fresh value can you add this spring?

  • Organize followers into lists and update existing lists. This helps when you are following a lot of people.
  • Unfollow people who are not adding value to your feed
  • Follow new people in areas you’ve found interesting lately
  • Start a account where you track your clicks
  • Take a look at updating your bio

2. Clearing up Facebook: who do you really know anymore?

  • Delete “friends” you don’t even know, don’t talk to, haven’t communicated with in over a year… etc.
  • Rexamine brands and pages you “like” on Facebook. Do you actually like them? Time to UNlike.
  • Clear out your inbox and actually check your “other” box Facebook has added
  • Update your about section and check your privacy settings to see what you are sharing (!!)

3. Reorganizing Pinterest: how can your boards be better arranged?

  • Combine similar boards (all clothes into one, accessories and shoes into one, all cooking-related into one)
  • Delete boards you don’t actually pin to
  • Follow some new people
  • Identify new trends you can get involved with

4. Tackle your inbox: though this may the be hardest, go through your inbox and ask yourself “what do I really need?”

  • Empty your trash and spam
  • Unsubscribe to things you delete every single day anyways
  • Go back YEARS and mass delete old stuff
  • Organize your inbox into different folders and delete old folders you don’t use
  • Seriously though, take the time to go back through and delete a ton of emails

5. Revisit Google+: how can you use your profile?

  • Remember it’s tied to your Gmail anyways
  • How can you leverage Google+ to up SEO to your blog, Twitter or other site?
  • Update your info on Google+, add a new photo, change your cover

6. Examine your website: what new direction can you take your blog?

  • Examine your blog followers and what topics you have blogged about
  • Ask what else can you talk about or what new direction do you want to take your blog
  • Make some plans to blog more
  • Update your blog/website info and add some new content

7. Clean your hardware: how can you safely clean your products?

  • Your laptop is looking filthy. Time to get some electronic-friendly wipes!
  • Clean up your laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone.
  • Get new screen protectors
  • Buy yourself a new case
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