#SemiColonProject416 Today

Today I was made aware of a cause spreading around Twitter hashtagged the #SemiColonProject416.


This is an important cause and one I feel I can really relate to. I know the Boston bombings happened yesterday and I believe both of these issues are very important right now. My heart goes out to all affected in Boston and to the Boston community. As a nation, it’s not a time for blaming others or turning on our own people, but it’s a time to come together to mourn and take precautions. It’s not about politics or sides, it’s about being supportive together as a nation.

For the #SemiColonProject416, I think it is important to note this because everyone has problems and we all deal with them differently. It is not our place to judge how someone may go about dealing with issues. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and unhappiness at various times in my life, especially after losing my father at 14 years old. I’ve made some not so great decisions and wanted all the pain to go away, but I’m still here.

Depression is a real thing to be cautious of and something that deserves more awareness. I encourage everyone to get help or to talk to someone if you are unhappy or think you may be depressed. Counseling and support help tremendously. Do something and reach out to someone. If you know someone who is suffering, encourage them to seek help as well.

Before we let our anger out on others or judge too harshly, let us remember that everyone is facing some battle every single day. Be cautious as to how you react, speak to and treat others.


This is an opinion post, not a regular theme of my blog/website.

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