If you work in PR, these three articles are for you

What to read first:

69% of PR pros are eating lunch at their desks + other stats from PR Daily

11 Ways to De-Stress from Your Desk from The Huffington Post

Is There Life After Work from The New York Times


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From doing an internship at an agency and now working at Hunter in NYC, I can tell you that hardly anyone ever leaves for lunch (we all order or bring our food) and that we are working some long hours. We also spend A LOT of time at our desks doing work on our computers. So, we are not really moving around a lot either.

There are a few problems with our daily habits and there are a few things we can change to help our stress, energy and exercise.

Those articles address some of the issues, but also offer some solutions. I try to eat out at least once a week and I try to take short walks as well. I also walk around the office, go to people’s desk instead of calling and a few other small things that make a difference.

As for the life after work article, that is on a different level. There are a lot of ways to look at this article. Some talk about doing your “due diligence” when you are just starting out and others talk about making sure you’re taking breaks, not working long hours, etc.

Personally, Jarrett and Lanie are my family now and I want to spend as much time with them as possible. I work harder during the day and complete my work so that I can leave at a decent time and do my one hour each way commute. It is up to each person to define how much they should be/want to be at work and it is different for each person too.

In our house, Jarrett and I try to stay off our phones more now. We do not get on our phones immediately when we wake up and I try to leave the social media and talking with people for other times, like when I’m on the train, or when Jarrett does have to work late. I want to spend my time with Jarrett in quality ways, not attached to my iPad, MacBook Pro or iPhone.

It is a real balance with just a boyfriend and a dog… I can’t imagine bringing kids into the picture right now.

All that being said, I’m not very social at night anymore. I don’t spend hours and hours on social media platforms. I’m offline more and I really like it a lot better that way. I’m spending time in my real world.

After reading the three articles above, it is up to you to decide what is best for you. I do think taking some time to yourself during the work day, taking the time to step outside for just a few minutes or even taking time to do something else for a short period really helps your overall wellbeing. Just my opinion.


What do you think about the articles? What would you like to change or balance more in your work / life hours?


3 thoughts on “If you work in PR, these three articles are for you

  1. […] The truth – I spend all day on social media platforms, blog post, etc. AND I have to monitor my work platforms in the evening that I like a break from my personal blog. Is that sad? No.  (Although i’m wondering if I just shot myself in the professional foot.)  Does it mean I don’t love what I do? Absolutely not. I enjoy it every day. But I don’t want to burn out; I want to enjoy life, so I’m trying to set up boundaries. Surely, someone understand where I’m coming from….anyone? […]

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