Facebook Graph Search is Here… Time to Update Your Profile & Privacy Settings!

Little by little, my friends and followers have been posting “I’ve got Graph Search!” on Facebook and Twitter… and it’s always followed up by a warning to change your privacy settings and profile “likes” and information as soon as possible.


Why you should:

Graph Search currently allows users to search your personalized information in 40 different fields from gender to the city you live in, to your workplace, your photos, your likes and much more. Users can combine any type of information into any kind of search and it brings up people in various areas with different likes.

Facebook also plans to add more fields to the search terms. So, you might want to check ALL of your history for anything you’d rather not have brought up in a conversation or an interview or published as public information.


Things you can do now:

Review your recent activity log: Your recent activity tab is on your main Timeline page at the top. This shows a list of all your photos, posts, comments, likes and everything else, even if they are hidden from your Timeline. If you don’t want any information or any of your past activity to be public, you have to go to your privacy settings to the “limit past posts” section:


I would also recommend you go to your “Timeline and Tagging Settings” and turn ON your “review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” feature. This way you can see everything you’re tagged in before it appears on your profile and you can choose what’s shared and what’s not.



Review your “Likes” and Locations: Your “likes” and location check-ins will also be a part of Graph Search. Anyone or your friends or friends of your friends may be able to do a search based on your likes or locations. Graph Search could show your every location check-in to them if they search for the same place. If your friends have tagged you in a location or photos or tags with a location, those will show up too.

To undo your past check-ins, go to your “Map” on your Timeline page and it will show you places you’ve been tagged in. Click on the posts where you are tagged, see if it is public and change it by clicking on the icon.


Like your locations, all of your past likes on Facebook can be seen. We all may have liked things once upon a time we should not have, and you might want to go unlike those things. Again, go to your Timeline and click on your “Likes” tab. From here, you can choose who sees what pages you like and you can hover over them and unlike them. Remember: if your likes are public, they could appear in other people’s Graph Search.



Review your “About” section:  Graph Search will also be searching based on places and that means where you live. So, if you don’t want everyone to know where you are currently living, go to the “About” section on your profile and start making edits. You can control who can see your current city, your mobile number, which college you attended and everything else in this section. In each information box you can choose to change the settings to “only me” or “just friends.”

Of course, all of this is for people who do not want everything searchable. If you don’t care, you don’t have to do anything.

You still may want to review your past history and likes though. I hope this has helped!


Are you concerned about Facebook Graph Search?

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