Study: 16 Attributes Businesses Can Use to Build Trust

On Monday, Edelman published their 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer. This annual trust and credibility survey was produced by Edelman and consisted of 20-minute online interviews from 26,000 general population respondents and 5,800 informed publics ages 25-64 across 26 countries.

Click image for Slideshare study.
Click image for Slideshare study.

The study found:

Businesses are trusted more than government in 16 of the 26 markets

  • Corruption and fraud are key reasons for distrust in business and government

Technology ranks as the world’s most-trusted industry in 2013

  • Small businesses are most trusted in the west while big businesses are trusted more in emerging economies

Our most trusted sources are experts we look up to and our peers

  • CEO’s and government officers are the least trusted sources

Majority of markets find government and business leaders are below 50% in their credibility rating

  • Trust in ethics and morals for government and business leaders is extremely low


Edelman also reveals 16 specific attributes businesses can use to build trust grouped into five performance clusters ranked in order of importance:

EngagementIntegrityProducts PurposeOperations


Building trust is important and reviewing these above clusters could successfully improve your business or your organization. Leadership is important and customers and employees must find good qualities and characteristics in leadership to build trust.

See more from the study on Edelman’s website or on Edelman’s Slideshare.

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