#Reverb12 Days 20-25: Stuff, Looking, Songs, Appreciation, Changes and Traditions.

Prompt for December 20: Stuff and Things:  What products have you discovered this year that you love?  Tell us all about them, and why you love them.  Become the celebrity spokesperson of whatever it is you like!

Favorite products this year: Brita and Keurig! I am one of those people who doesn’t like the taste of normal tap water. I love my Brita filter AND love that Keurig calls for filtered water. On a daily basis I do not do well without coffee… so my favorite Christmas present this year was a (special edition) Keurig from Jarrett! I have a ton of various K Cups and love them all! The Brita and Keurig have done wonders for me.

I’ve also loved discovering hot tea and other flavored teas besides sweet tea! I’ve definitely tried to expand my taste buds this year.

Click image for original source.
Click image for original source.


Prompt for December 21: Look: Sometimes you are left standing on the outside looking in.  As you stood there, on the other side of the glass, were you thankful for the boundary?  Or do you wish you could’ve been on the action-side?

Sometimes I was definitely glad to be on the outside looking in instead of in the action. Sometimes I definitely should have kept my mouth shut and stayed out of the action. I have a quick temper sometimes, especially if someone has messed with one of my friends. I think it’s a good thing to sit on the sidelines more.


Prompt for December 22: Song:  What has been your theme song this year?  Have there been several?  Make us a mix tape and tell us the meaning behind it.

Favorite artists this year: Hunter Hayes, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Rihanna, Lady Antebellum, Chris Brown, One Direction and The Wanted. I love boy bands!


Hunter Hayes: Storm Warning and Wanted

Luke Bryan: Drunk On You (and most of his other songs)

Jason Aldean: My Kinda Party and Fly Over States

Lady Antebellum: basically every song by them

Rihanna, Chris Brown, One Direction and The Wanted also have amazing songs and I love all of them!

Click image for original source.
Click image for original source.


Prompt for December 23: Appreciate:  For what did you find a new appreciation this year?

Family, friends and Jarrett Frazier. I have a pretty rough background with family and the short version is that I really only have my mother and brother left of everyone. It’s just us that’s left of everyone. I love my brother more than anyone or anything I would do anything in the world for him. I’ve definitely built my relationship back with my mother too.

As for my friends this year, I’ve found out who will always be there after everyone else kind of fades away. There are always temporary friends, but the real ones are here to stay. I’m so grateful for them in my life. Amy Bishop, Alicia Miller, Tara Rosenbaum, Haley Higgs and Vanessa Perkins are at the top, just to name a few.

Then there’s my ever amazing boyfriend Jarrett. I haven’t always seen him as clearly as I should have or as he deserved, but I love him so much and I’m happy we moved to Connecticut to start our life together.


Prompt for December 24: Change of heart:  Did you have a change of heart about something or someone in your life this year?  What or who was it?  Why?

There was one big apology from a two year feud this year and it was long overdue. No details needed, but it’s behind us and I’m glad.


Prompt for December 25: Traditions:  Do you follow old traditions or do you work to create new traditions?  What role has tradition played in your life over the past year?  Are there traditions you hope to create or embrace in 2013?

I don’t think I’m really a traditional person at all, but I hope to create new traditions with my new life with Jarrett. I don’t do a lot of the same things over and over, but hope to establish some grounds and traditions in 2013.


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