#Reverb12 Days Five and Six: Letting Go and Intentions

This month I’m participating in #Reverb12 which is a daily prompt I will try to respond to every day or when I feel motivated to respond to it at least! Check it out because it’s pretty cool.


Prompt for December 5th:  Letting go: For next year, I’m letting go of…

This was a very interesting year! I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve learned a lot. For next year, I’m definitely letting go of:

  • Grudges and pain from other people. There were a few people really out to get me this year and it’s over.
  • Need to control everything. I have got to learn to trust people more.
  • Fears. I have a real fear of everything going wrong and spiraling out of control and need to get over it.
  • The Past. It happened for a reason and I need to move forward into the future.
  • Shopping addiction. I really have to get this under control!
  • Eating so much fast food. I do this about two times a week and really need to learn to use my cook books and eat better.
  • Watching so much TV. I actually don’t watch that much as I don’t have cable, but there are a lot of other things I could do.
Click image for original source.
Click image for original source.

Prompt for December 6th: Intention:  What were some of your mantras from 2012 and how did you come by them?  Will they remain the same for next year – if not, what new ones will you set?

  • “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand. I’m not even sure how I came about this, but there are always people who will root for you to fail and you have to move past it and not let anyone stop you or discourage you. You have to do it and move forward for yourself.
  • Don’t waste your time. This is a BIG thing of mine. People complain about people they don’t like and things they don’t want to do… well NEWS FLASH: you don’t have to be around those people and you don’t have to do things you don’t want to do! Make better choices and be intentional with your time.
  • I’ll probably keep both of those because I really like them.
  • One to add: work hard, play hard. It may sound dumb, but I need to take more time to have FUN and enjoy things! Especially as Jarrett and I move forward, this will be important for us.

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