Social Media Marketing Trends Ready for 2013

We all know social media has caught on for everyone, everywhere. What we’re doing with social media is different and it seems to evolve every single day. These are some key trends for social media marketing from TwinEngine by The H Agency for us to watch in 2013 with explanations and comments by myself and The H Agency.


1. Social Media Marketing gains impact as key marketing tactic
– Brands will continue to see social media as a marketing strategy and begin to fully implement and utilize social strategy

2. Marketing turns upside down
– We are all marketers now
– Evolution from ‘all about us’ to ‘all about them’

3. Social influence moves beyond ‘like’ to incentive driven recommendations
– Marketers reward consumers for marketing and consumers will start driving sales and influence from sharing their own experiences

4. Marketing grows enterprise wide and can no longer sustain being a ‘department’
– It’s already much bigger than a department, it’s an industry. We’ll see more marketing, social media and digital roles emerge in 2013

5. Discounts and giveaways will incentivize social sharing of branding content
– Shift from viral marketing to sharable marketing strategies

6. Social media impacts business infrastructures – siloed communication systems are challenged
– Social communications will allow for more cross-departmental communications, which will break down the silo.

7. Social channels integrate and align
– We will still have the top channels, but they will start to integrate for each other, use each other and transform in their own ways.

8. Rise of Augmented Reality – visualization over data
– Brings static pages to life
– Google’s AR glasses

9. Media spend shifts from display to paid and sponsored content
– Continued move from traditional to digital
– Shift to sponsored content instead of display ads

10. Social Reputation Management drives ‘Do Good’ campaign strategies
– Continues to build a good reputation for companies and people like social responsibility

11. The dawn of social TV – where viewers comment and share during air time
– TV becomes a hybrid of TV, Social, Video

12. Social commerce driven by recommendations – rapid growth in digital wallets
– Ecommerce
– Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies
– Emerging Google Wallet and Microsoft social platform

13. SEO shifts – less focus on tricks and more on good online marketing
– Authenticity and understanding needs of target audience drive engagement
– Brands build from quality content, interactions with influencers
– Google rewards good marketing


Click infographic for original source.
Click infographic for original source.

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