#Reverb12 Day Four: Places

This month I’m participating in #Reverb12 which is a daily prompt I will try to respond to every day or when I feel motivated to respond to it at least! Check it out because it’s pretty cool.


Prompt: 4. Prompt for December 4th:  Place: What places anchored you this year? Or were you in search of new places and spaces to call your own and call home? Describe the place you love and why it means so much to you.

Atlanta, GA.
Click image for original location.

This is an incredible question that completely defines my life right now. I started out in Cullowhee, NC (my college town) this year which has been my home for the past five years. I moved to Atlanta in May where I fell in love with this city and really think of this as my home.

Now, in just a few short weeks, I’m moving to Stamford, CT with my boyfriend where we will start our new journey together. We just got an apartment so we are in search/in progress of defining our new home.

I’ve always been a sassy little southern girl. The south is the only place I’ve really known. I love our food, our warm weather, our friendliness and really (mostly) everything about it. In Atlanta, there is SO much to do. I love our parks, our shopping areas, our diversity, our history and our culture. Not many people can say they live 6 miles from a Six Flags, Coca Cola headquarters, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace and gravesite and more. It’s been incredible.

As Jarrett and I journey together on this new trip, Stamford will be our new home and we will be discovering a new town and a new area together. I’m looking forward to being in a blue state with some more progressive Democrats, but that’s only a small part of it.

You can bet that this southern girl is going to miss the south!

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