Being a good friend from across the country or the next city over

With all the technologies available to us today, it still amazes me how we don’t seem to keep in contact with our friends and family members. I’ll be one of the first to admit it is not one of my strengths. With all the technology available to keep us connected, why don’t we keep in touch?

Being a good friend means you keep in contact with each other. One of the first things I learned about being in PRSSA and being on the National Committee is that I may only get to see some of my good friends a couple of times a year. We were always ecstatic when we did get to see each other, but I always want to stay more in touch.

One excuse I use sometimes and I hate it: I’m so busy!

It’s so true and I always feel so busy, but I always have time for a friend. I try to talk to my best friends Amy Bishop, Haley Higgs, Vanessa Perkins and Tara Rosenbaum on a weekly basis. It doesn’t always happen, but I like to show I care and that they are important to me.

With our work schedules, sometimes it is hard for Catherine Koonce and I to see each other and we’re just a few miles apart! We text and tweet each other a lot, so that definitely helps.

Not in the above cases, but in some cases I feel like I’m the only one reaching out all the time to try to maintain these relationships. If you’re really in a friendship, make it a point to stay in contact and talk to your friend. Facebook, Twitter, email, smartphones, computers, Instagram, etc. are there for a reason — they help us stay connected!

It’s not always easy not having my closest friends in the same city as me because I can’t just run over to someone’s house, but I always know they’re a phone call away. It helps!

This is just a random thought/reminder post, but I thought it was important to share. Maintain your friendships and maintain those relationships with the people who are important to you.


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