Hilarious Resume Mistakes + Advice From Top Sites

One thing I always worry about: my resume and my experience. I constantly obsess over making sure it’s perfect, tailored to the position and ready to go.

I’ve also edited a lot of resumes and given a lot of advice on how to make a resume the best it can be for my friends, boyfriend and coworkers. There’s no magic resumeĀ formula, but there are things you can do to make sure yours at least gets to the right person and isn’t immediately rejected.

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Check out these posts for more help, advice and laughs:

11 mistakes to avoid on your digital marketing resume

  • 11 senior digital marketers about mistakes they’ve seen in this post.

The most outlandish resume mistakes of 2012

  • NEVER put LOL on your resume!

The only resume advice you’ll ever need

  • Another great post from Forbes with solid information

Here Are 5 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out

  • Good advice here too – leave off the objective statement and put a more creative heading

Tips for submitting your resume online

  • Don’t attach a Word document! Always send as a PDF so formatting doesn’t get lost.

How to make your next job better than your current job

  • Tips on being more strategic about what you put in, and what you leave out of your resume.

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