#SocialMedia Tips: Check Your Twitter Pictures + Watch the Online Arguments

Two thoughts today:

Twitter pictures and the political arguments.

Click image for original location.

Everything about you online represents you, so you have to comb through things carefully. One thing that includes is pictures you have posted to Twitter, or other outlets over the past several years, on sites like TwitPic, Yfrog and other sites.

Make sure you check these sites because those pictures are attached to your name. While you’re at it – you might want to look at your YouTube channel [if you have one] to see your “activity feed” to see what you’re looking at and what your account might represent.

Clean it up!


Part two –

Let’s watch the online arguments. We all know it’s political season and it’s hard for everyone. As a member of the Democratic party, I see things that frustrate me, but I don’t respond to it. Arguing and responding [generally] do not help anything.

We all want to be heard… but let’s not let that play out in public. Arguing and asserting doesn’t change anyone’s minds, it causes problems for all.

One important thing we seem to lose during political season: respect for other humans. Let people believe what they’re going to believe and move on. If you don’t like someone’s Facebook or Twitter feed, GUESS WHAT: you don’t have to see it! Make the move yourself to get info you don’t want to see out of your feed, even if it’s mine.

Let’s just think about that.


And remember:

“There are three sides to every online conversation. The people talking and everyone else watching.”

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