Visiting Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial, tomb, birthplace and original church – Thinking about a movement

* This is a more personal post compared to my other industry related posts


This past weekend, I had the honor of visiting the local Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site here in Atlanta. I knew it was here and I knew I wanted to visit, but I didn’t realize how moving it would be. His tomb where he and his wife rest, his birthplace and his original church are here in Atlanta in the Old Fourth Ward… all on Auburn Avenue.. within just a few miles of where I live.

When people think about MLK Jr. they probably think about “I have a dream” and they think about his preaching, his movement, his words… and I’m no different. I think about all these things as well.

I think about how this man fought for something he truly believed in and he was not afraid to stand up, speak up and rise up. He knew treating people differently just because they are different was wrong.

When I think about MLK Jr., I think about the movement. He was part of a great movement that forever changed the United States. Sometimes it just feels like we do not have those kind of people anymore who will really stand up and lead a movement.

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I think about how people in our country of “tolerance” and other countries around the world hate against people who are different today and it makes me very sad. I try to be accepting and open to all people, religions, races, cultures and everything that makes anyone different. I’m 100% for treating people like human beings and I’m 100% for every human being having the same rights as everyone else.

When did that become a problem? When did people start seeing other people as less than them and as less deserving than a right they possess? How far have we really come with accepted diversity and cultural differences?

It was an honor to stand in the places where things happened, people changed and everyone believed. His tomb says: “Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty I’m free at last.”

Truly an incredible experience I was proud to share with a great friend of mine who also teaches me more about things every single day.

Even if you do not agree with what I’m saying, take a moment to think about this: how you treat people and how things you say can really affect people’s lives. Take a moment to try to learn something new about people who are different from you.

Everyone is different and we need to accept that and stop trying to change others.


Pictures from my trip:

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