The best thing that can help with moving to a new city: Twitter

I recently moved to Atlanta at the beginning of May [can’t believe I’ve been here two months!!] and one thing that’s really helped me meet new people and learn about events going on: Twitter

I already have a slight obsession with tweeting, but mix it in with some good deals, good locations and good people and I’m even more into it!


How to connect with your new city on Twitter:

1. Follow AND tweet to local accounts. While following accounts will help you, tweeting to the accounts to let them know you are new in town is more helpful! When I told my new friend Caleb, who runs the @AtlanticStation Twitter account and other Atlanta accounts, that I was new, he quickly tweeted me other accounts to follow and has shared good tips with me since


2. Save the new Twitter accounts you follow to a list on Twitter – yes they still exist! It’s the easiest way to keep city and other Twitter accounts you follow organized. Here’s mine:


3. Meet up with people in your city. We all talk to and network with people on Twitter all the time [and if you really don’t, then you really should] so now is the time to meet the people you’ve been talking to! For instance, I met my good friends Chris Bailey, Catherine Koonce and Justin Monsewicz, who are also interning in ATL this summer, through Twitter.

4. Find events through Twitter and the Twitter accounts you start to follow. It can be hard to meet people in a new city, trust me I know, but if you attend events and make an attempt to connect with people or meet people there you know are going… you’ll have a lot more fun!

5. Look out for deals and specials! A lot of stores have Twitter accounts for specific locations and tweet out deals for those locations. Make sure you keep an eye out for deals, discounts and freebies from your favorite accounts.



BONUS: All though it’s not Twitter, Foursquare is a great way to get some good deals in a city!! See who people are following from Twitter on Foursquare and start visiting some new places.

I hope these tips will help you when/if you move to a new city in the future!

If you have any more Twitter tips for cities, let me know!

6 thoughts on “The best thing that can help with moving to a new city: Twitter

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    1. Hi Yasmine –

      Thanks! Twitter definitely keeps me informed as well as obsessing over our local news! It’s crazy! We should try to meet up while I’m here. Hope your internship is going well!


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