Pinterest vs. Facebook – Sales and Engagement

This is  interesting infographic from Boticca that looking at what they learned from a sample of 50,000 visitors from Pinterest and 50,000 from Facebook.

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I’m not surprised Pinterest generates more sales than Facebook. I never click ads or anything on Facebook and it’s often so crowded with info, I rarely search for deals and coupons.

If I want to find something to buy or make, I do turn to Pinterest as a search engine. I’ve bought a few things from Pinterest and gotten many DIY ideas that led to sales at other stores from Pinterest.


Key insights from the data [from Boticca]

  • Pinterest users are the higher spenders. On average, Pinterest users spend $180 vs. an average of $85 spent by Facebook users
  • When it comes to engagement, Facebook is the overall leader.  Pinterest users spent 65% less time on the site than users on Facebook.

Data demonstrated Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook

  • Conversion rates from Pinterest were lower than via any other channels.
  • Bounce rates from Pinterest were higher than other channels.
Click image for original location.

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