Be Unforgettable – Part of My Story

I just ran into a professor I had my freshman year of college who I really have not seen or had that much contact with since. I was out on our University Center lawn looking at a few things and he walked right by me, then turned back around and said, “Lauren?”

Needless to say, we had quite an interesting conversation for about 20 minutes. I had him for psychology my freshman year and he still remembered me!

He said, “You look so different and much more mature now. I barely recognized you!”

Let’s start with that. My freshman year I was an interior design major with no clue what PR was and I was not taking college as seriously as I should have. I definitely wore sweatpants and sweatshirts to class almost every single day and did not care about what I looked like at all. Things turned RIGHT around when I became a PR major my sophomore year after taking the mandatory intro to communication class where another professor told me I would make a great PR major.

I told him about my new career and experience in public relations with my internships, PRSSA, conferences and more. He was very impressed and told me he was very proud of me for becoming “such an accomplished young woman.”

As we were about to part ways, I did tell him I was surprised he remembered me all the way back from my freshman year in just a regular psychology class out of hundreds of students. What he said in response was, “Well you made yourself pretty unforgettable by attempting everything, answering questions, asking for help and really being involved.”

That really stuck with me. While psychology was not my thing at all, I really did try to be involved in the class. I try to do this with most things I’m involved in. I put forth a lot of effort into everything I do and I’m very passionate about what I do. Sometimes I feel like I’m spread too thin with everything I do, but I really do love everything I do. Some people might say all of the work and all of the jobs I maintain at one time is pretty ridiculous, but it’s me and it’s what I love.


Summary: Be unforgettable in what you do and be passionate about what you do. This is definitely a life lesson for me and something I hope to continue to do throughout my life.

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