The Best Parts About Working in University eMarketing

As sort of a more positive post and follow-up to my post on working with university social media for 2.5 years, I decided to write a post on the best parts of it!

As I stated in that post, I really do love my job and it has been a great experience! I recommend everyone try to work with your university’s social media at least once. It is a very different experience and you really learn a lot.


Best parts:

  • Facebook, Twitter and social media are mandatory for my job
  • Coming up with very creative ways to promote different initiatives
  • Encouraged to “pin” and be on Pinterest
  • Tweeting to potential students and seeing their excitement about attending WCU
  • Working with other departments for cross-campus collaboration
  • Live tweeting to official WCU accounts for events, concerts, games, etc.
  • Being a part of the team who takes pictures, attends events, etc. all for our social media
  • Strategic planning for university marketing + other department/group Facebook pages
  • Setting up workshops to explain Facebook uses + benefits to other departments
  • Explaining the meaning and usefulness of Facebook to upper administration who might not buy in to social media at first
  • Setting your own guidelines for your social media
  • Crisis management!! Very interesting part.
  • Working and posting things as they come. There isn’t exactly a set schedule to some things that just pop up.
  • Seeing students and other ¬†community members come to WCU’s defense when some bad comments are posted
  • Seeing our WCU community grow together as our social media numbers grow as well
  • We have a really awesome PR office with some great people in publications, design, news, etc. They are all great to work with!

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