Moments and Memories from PRSSA National Assembly

Returning from a National event can be very hard. You go from being surrounded by people who completely understand your love and obsession with something to the return of a normal schedule. You also leave some of your best friends you may only get to see 3-4 times a year. Although returning from one of these events can be hard, it is important to reflect on what you learned.


Favorite moments from Assembly:

– Arriving to Assembly and showing people around Charlotte

– Leading the “communicating across campus” session with Amy Bishop, Jess Noonan and Sonja Popp-Stahly. SO much fun!

– Seeing friends from across the country I only get to see about three times a year

– Learning from leaders and their ideas they have incorporated for their Chapters

– Timing the Day-of-Competition so I got to see every group’s work

– Committee dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery, which was also the first place we ate as a NEW Committee in Seattle

– Dressing up for sushi with new + current National Committee members

– Seeing everyone get VERY excited for 2012 National Conference

– Having the honor of being elected as the new National President!!


Favorite quotes from Assembly:

– “Be proactive, strategic and content driven.” – Mary Tribble

– “It’s your job to be part of the solution.” – Mary Tribble

– “Don’t bypass the gifts that are given to you.” – Mary Tribble

– “Everything you do is leading to where you will go.”


Special Sessions Panel Quotes:

– “Talk to your coworkers, have fun and be a part of the office!”

– “Don’t say you’re in PR because ‘you’re a people person’ or that you’re a ‘social media expert’ because you have a FB page.”

– “Don’t be afraid to hire someone smarter than you.” – Ryan McShane

– “Think larger than just Facebook to an overall strategy.”

” Ethics: figure out who you are and what you stand for. Find a place that will stand behind you.”

– “Don’t chose a platform; choose a discipline.”

– “Digital media isn’t emerging, it’s evolving.”



Ask interviewers what they did with clients and what were the results?

Have rules and guidelines for your Facebook pages.

Be able to speak and get your point across effectively. Pick up the phone and call!

Be able to talk about what *you* did in a group project or in group work.

Be organized and assertive. Be ready to have new things thrown at you!

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