Making a difference to someone makes my day.

Quick short little post – but it makes me happy.

Today, one of my professors asked me to teach her Intro to PR class because she couldn’t make it in. She asked that I cover PR + social media and talk a little bit about PRSSA.

So we had a little discussion about how I think 2012 is the year of photo sharing and how the press release is changing. We also talked about how Facebook’s IPO will change things up to and a few other things about how social media and public relations are evolving.

Then I got to PRSSA and talked about how it had made a difference to me, about how huge our network is and about how beneficial it is to our members. PRSSA has made all the difference to me. Spreading this around to others is awesome!

A few people stayed after to tell me they were excited to join and definitely wanted more information. One person in particular, Maggie, was super enthusiastic and talked to me about how she changed her major and everything for public relations. She really wanted to be in “celebrity PR” and events and I explained to her that was “entertainment PR” and she got SO excited there was an actual term for it!

We talked more and more and I told her I would definitely¬† be around to help and couldn’t wait to see her at PRSSA meetings. I love it when excitement spreads and when I know I made a difference to someone in their day by helping them! She even said I could be her mentor and I was very flattered!

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You never know when you’re making someone else’s day by taking the time to put a personal touch to something or just by explaining something further!

Hope everyone is having a great week :]

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