SAG Awards Tweeting Chart

Normally I would watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards anyways, but this year I was especially intrigued by their “live tweeting chart” they were advertising. If you know me, I’m pretty crazy about some Twitter and everything/anything involving Twitter.

Here are a few shots of the chart and site:

Full Chart
Closer view of the chart.
What happened when you clicked one of the yellow dots.


Overall, this was a pretty good idea! I actually had not seen this done before for an event and thing it would be a great thing to implement for big or small events. People can live tweet from an event, like they do anyways, and you can see where they are tweeting from.

I would really like to see this again.

One thing that was not the best was the delay in the updates. Some of the people you clicked had updates from anywhere from 3 days ago to over 10 hours ago and I really wanted to see live tweets. I’m not sure if it’s because the celebs weren’t tweeting, which most of them were, but I would like to see that fixed.

I really want to see this again and want to research how to actually get this to an event as well. Link to the live tweeting chart.


What did you think of this? Did you see the live tweeting chart?

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