Burger King Keyword Search – Help Needed

For our emarketing class at WCU, we are taking on fictitious clients and researching them, their social media and their marketing. One of the things I need help with is coming up with keywords and what people really think when they hear “Burger King” or what your experience is like when you go to “Burger King.”

Here’s an example of what we’re doing and some keywords we have:


BK search list:

have it your way
chicken sandwich
Big Mac
BK Fish sandwich


Competitive words:
Big Mac
In and Out
Cook out


Click image for original location.


We have Google alerts set up and search through social media weekly to see what people are talking about and what they are saying.

If you can leave a few other keywords here [below] or anything related to the BK experience, that would be great! Thank you!


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