Anatomy of a Christmas Card [infographic]


Infographic from on the Anatomy of a Christmas Card –


MOO Christmas Cards

Cool facts in this infographic:

“1.5 Billion Christmas Cards were sent in the US compared to 678.9 in the UK in 2010″

“45% of all cards sent are Christmas Cards”

“Each year in Finland Santa receives 600,000 Christmas Cards”

“Just 72% of 8-24 year olds intend to send Christmas Cards compared to 91% of 55+”

“Only 15% of Christmas Cards are bought by men”

“The world’s smallest Christmas Card would fit into a UK 1st Class Stamp 8,000 times”

“The most Christmas Cards sent by one person in a year is 62,824″

“In 2008 the average US family spent $32 on Christmas Cards”

“The most expensive Christmas Card was sold at auction for $35,800″

“In the UK an estimated £50m is raised by Christmas Cards for charity each year”

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