MUST Follow Series – True Tales of Love and Startups [via Forbes]

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While browsing my usual news sites and social media obsessions today, I found a series called “True Tales of Love and Startups” on Forbes and it is an incredible series! Two things I already love is that the posts are pretty funny and I can relate to a few things in these posts. Meghan Casserly, Forbes Staff, is heading up the series with quite a few guest posts.


Extraction from two posts:

From “iPhones, Foursquare and Being Present”

There is also the problem of not really being present. And not just because I’m compulsively checking my email on my iPhone. (Or checking in on Foursquare. Listen, I work in Tech – just because it’s a game doesn’t mean it’s not part of my career.)

I’m not present in the way I’d need to be to on a successful date. Making myself vulnerable. Listening to someone else speak and entertaining the possibility that he could actually say something that would change my life. Watching the corner of someone’s eyes turn up when he smiles and at least momentarily believing that I could gaze at them forever and never get bored.


From “When Things Get Complicated with a Co-Founder”

The search for a co-founder isn’t that different than the search for a soulmate. You’re looking for someone who really gets you, your way of thinking, and your goals with the company and the product. You’re looking for someone who—at least on your good days—you’ll be completely in sync with. And this can create a rather challenging situation for female entrepreneurs seeking a technical co-founder, most of whom are male.


Other posts in the series:

The Girlfriend Chronicles

Most Of Us Are Cocky Jerks

It’s Called Being ‘Unavailable’

Been There, Done That, How to Make it Work


Read any more posts in this series? Let me know! I would love to hear what you guys have to think about this series too. Enjoy!

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