30 Reasons I Love My iPhone 4S!

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True life: I’m obsessed with my iPhone 4S. I’ve had it for one day and here are 30 reasons why I really love this phone:

1. Battery life! The battery life is absolutely incredible for as many apps as I’ve been using.

2. iMessaging because I can see when messages are read, when they are delivered and when they are typed.

3. Instagram. No need to say more. Look it up!

4. Siri is amazing and is SO intelligent.

5. The camera is very high quality and let’s you crop and edit photos!

6. QR code scanner is quick and fast.

7. Speed of the iPhone overall.

8. Automatically connects to wi-fi!

9. Everything is so easy to download!

10. No more “force quit” or any other stupid freezing my Droid did.

11. GPS is extraordinary.

12. I get better service!

13. App Store security, it prompts me for my password every single time I use it.

14. There is literally an app for everything. It is so true.

15. Facetime!! Love it!

16. Camera on both sides :]

17. Email comes quickly and I can delete emails very easily and quickly too.

18. Tweets pop up immediately, sometimes before my TweetDeck!

19. Siri can list a lot of awesome places around me just from knowing my location.

20. Siri calls me Lauren by name :]

21. Everything works on the iPhone and it works VERY quickly. There is no delay and everything is so instant.

22. So many choices in accessories!!

23. iPhone automatically shows updates and notifications.

24. Just ONE button to mute my phone on the side. Just one! So quick!

25. iCloud syncs to my MacBook Pro and would have synced to my iPad too.

26. Autocorrect is beginning to recognize my language AND Harry Potter terminology!

27. Find my iPhone [let’s pray I don’t have to use this though!]

28. I have access to all the “iPhone only apps” I didn’t get on my Droid!

29. SO easy to customize my apps and move them around with a few swipes AND I can put them in grouped categories!

30. This iPhone really just makes me happy :]

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