Event Marketing From A to Z – Infographic Week!

*Part of my ongoing series Infographic Week this week!

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I absolutely love HubSpot and everything they do. Brilliant people there.

Back to the infographic, this image includes absolutely everything you need for marketing any type of event. As long as you follow through with these steps and have a supportive team with you, this process will help your event achieve success.


Favorite components of this infographic:

Step 2: Adding a QR code, adding a short blog post about the event and creating a video invite are things most people do not do. Add these components for more promotion!

Step 4: Measurements are everything. You want to prove numbers at the end of the day. Track your progress!

Step 5: I think it’s a neat element to have someone posting live pictures during an event and to have someone live blogging the event. It can make people who weren’t able to make feel as if they were there.

Step 6: SO IMPORTANT. Do not forget to follow-up, do an evaluation, send thank you’s and more. Some people skip this step, but I think it’s the most important step for future success.



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