Hashtag Overuse – I’m Guilty

I just got back from the 2011 Social Fresh Charlotte conference where, of course, I had a blast and learned A LOT! Here is a post with my favorite quotes and insights from all the speakers from the conference too.

One of my favorite sessions was one from the CEO of Argyle Social, Eric Boggs. Argyle Social is an awesome social media management platform and they have some great insights and content, especially on their blog. Three quotes from his session really stuck with me:


1. “Most people who use hashtags, use them poorly.”

I think he’s right. I know I’m guilty of this. I think we all do it; we overuse hashtags to promote the latest content, the latest news and our own content. I see SO many posts a day with all these different hashtags. Is the content you’re posting even relevant to the hashtag you’re promoting it to?


2. “Posts with hashtags underperform those without hashtags.”

53% of posts with hashtags underperform while 21% saw no difference and 26% are more successful [data from the presentation].

I think that actually makes sense. With all these hashtags attached to a post, it can really seem like extra “noise” and people automatically get turned off by what all is going on in the tweet. Simply sharing content without hashtags seems like a better idea most of the time.

Image credited to Argyle Social.
Image credited to Argyle Social


3. “Don’t target content to hashtags. Target hashtags to content when relevant.”

Some people seem to create and post content only to share them to hashtags. Some tweets are just posted to all kinds of hashtags, even when the content isn’t necessarily relevant to the hashtag. I’ve done this before and I’ve definitely been working on it more lately.


What I’m doing about this:

For this next week [this Wednesday to next Wednesday] I am not going to publish ANY content I post or promote to hashtags. I want to see what gets more clicks. I’m going to try to track this through bit.ly link tracking and through WordPress tracking.

How will this work?

I’m not sure. I definitely want to see what kinds of content gets clicked and where it gets clicked from. I’m hoping more insights will help me with this data.


I will still RT content others post, but I will not personally be posting to hashtags this week. It is my job to post to #PRSSA, so I may occasionally post PRSSA news to the #PRSSA hashtag, but that is it.


*Follow up post will be coming next Wednesday with what I find out and what data I see. Stay tuned!


See Eric Boggs FULL presentation from Social Fresh Charlotte here on ArgyleSocial.com.




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